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With our A.I. Children's Book Maker you can now create children's books on-demand, day after day.

You don't have to be a writer, you don't have to be an artist, and you don't need any technical skills. You don't even need to have an idea. (If you DO have any of those qualities, that's cool too. You can totally use it to your advantage.)

So if you have some ideas that have been rolling around in your head for awhile, that's great. You can take those ideas and instantly see them turned into real books.

In terms of both stories and art styles, the sky's the limit when it comes to what you can create with the A.I. Children's Book Maker.

Liz Allan, creator of The David Dolphin Worksheets for Preschool developed these worksheets over the three decades she has been teaching preschool children, using tried and tested methods that are updated regularly, to give children the skills they need for junior school.

She has personally experienced the positive results that these worksheets help children achieve. Your child will benefit from them too.

Modern early education theories stress the importance of providing children with activities they can enjoy and accomplish at their own pace.

These workbooks have been developed with this in mind. Each book provides an enriching and highly creative learning environment that lays the foundation for formal schooling without the pressure of a formal learning program.

The result is children who learn independently in a fun and self-paced fashion. In turn, becoming more productive and individually creative in the process!

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Ann Richmond Fisher is a longtime educational author and a former classroom teacher, home school teacher and a 30-year-veteran of the educational publishing world.

She worked closely with community groups, large school systems and small schools to help them successfully put on Spelling Bees. Using these Spelling Bee Toolboxes, you can do the same!

If you've ever organized a spelling bee, then you know how much work is involved. This is an exceptional opportunity to own a comprehensive spelling bee packet.

Susan Evans helps homeschool moms bring more joy to their home through hands-on learning. She speaks at conferences, teaching creative writing classes and homeschooling.

She writes about homeschooling in all areas: science, history, geography, literature, writing, math, Bible, PE, and other miscellaneous subjects.

She created a huge Unit Study Treasure Vault, a membership site to actively engage children in all subjects of homeschooling.

Oliver Doodle Dandy is a Celebration of America.

From the freedoms America cherish, the opportunities they have to the accomplishments of legendary Americans, Oliver Doodle Dandy teaches the incredible story of the nation.

The book’s message is ultimately one of hope and unity. And that in America, people can accomplish anything they dream.

Author Todd Zimmermann says: “It’s my hope that the story will inspire children, educate them about our nation, and teach them to dream big. By doing so, there’s simply nothing they can’t accomplish, and the American Dream can be theirs.”

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